​The ZipaTank™ can be supplied with a range of modular accessories, from agitators and agitator support platforms through to access manholes, baffles, slurry risers, interconnecting launders, access ways and ladder ways.

All ZipaTank™ accessories are modular and designed for simple connection to the tank at site using mechanical joins.

Common accessories are available as described below:

Agitator Support Platform

An agitator support platform can be provided for the ZipaTank™ that will join to the tank shell using a simple bolted connection. All safety handrails, gridmesh flooring and agitator connection frames can be provided with the agitator support platform.

The agitator support platform can be designed to act as an assembly aid, with the platform designed to allow lifting of the entire assembled tank onto the tank foundation as a complete unit. The agitator support platform allows top down assembly of the ZipaTank™ , with the platform and top strake assembled first, and then stacked progressively onto lower strakes until the tank is fully assembled.


The ZipaTank™ includes modular baffles as required, depending on agitation requirements. Baffles are provided in modular sections for connection to the tank panels via attachment cleats, as the strakes are assembled.


Where the ZipaTank™ is to form part of an interconnected series of tanks, such as in a leaching application, then modular launders and internal slurry risers allow transfer between each tank.

Inter-tank slurry transport launders can be provided for all ZipaTank™, and are designed for smooth slurry flow, and allow easy tank bypass for maintenance. All launders have removable lids for inspection and maintenance, and can be isolated using weirs or penstock valves.

Slurry Riser

Slurry risers are available for inter-tank slurry transport to prevent short circuiting during mixing. Slurry risers are manufactured out of semicircular pipe and are provided in modular sections for connection to the tank panels via attachment cleats, as the strakes are assembled.


The ZipaTank™  is designed to withstand the buckling loads associated with overhung agitators and other structural steel components, to allow mounting of these components directly onto the tank shell. The ZipaTank™ can be provided as a complete assembly with the agitator and agitator support platform, or Glencore Technology can work with a client's agitator vendor to accommodate the agitator loads in the design of the ZipaTank™.

Gas Spargers

The ZipaTank™ can be fitted with gas spargers to inject oxygen/air into the solution or slurry. Glencore Technology provides HyperSparge™ oxygen spargers, which are designed to be easily inserted into the ZipaTank™ without internal support in the reactor vessel. The HyperSparge™ nozzle allows air/oxygen injection into the tank at supersonic velocities, resulting in a fine mist of bubbles for efficient transfer of oxygen into the solution/slurry phase. Click here for more details about the HyperSparge™.

Tank Roofs

Modular roofs can be supplied for the ZipaTank™ for applications requiring partial sealing of the tank. Roofs are provided in sections for easy assembly and are manufactured out of a range of materials, from lightweight alloy steel through to FRP. The roofs are designed to allow easy removal.

Tank roofs can accommodate off gas vents and agitator shaft seals where required.


Manholes are built into the vertical panels as required. These allow for personnel to enter a drained ZipaTank™ to carry out inspections and maintenance.

Tank Overflows

Tank overflow boxes and overflow pipework are built into the ZipaTank™ panels prior to transport, or provided as flanged assemblies for erection on site.

General Valves and Nozzles

General valves and nozzles, such as scuttles and pump suction nozzles, can be incorporated into the design of the ZipaTank™ to suit a clients requirements.